‘Today’s technical rescue involved patience’: Hyannis firefighters rescue cat trapped in wall

The curious feline was unable to turn around in the approximately five- to six-inch space.

They say curiosity killed the cat. But in this case, fortunately, Hyannis firefighters intervened.

They were tasked with rescuing Phoebe, a pet cat that got herself trapped in a hole in the wall on Thursday. 

“Today’s technical rescue involved patience,” the firefighters wrote in a Facebook post, noting that the feline’s increased anxiety caused her to crawl further into the wall.

The crews said Phoebe’s owners attempted to lure her from the space at first, but realized after multiple attempts that she was unable to turn around in the approximately five- to six-inch space. 

That’s when they called for assistance. 


“Under most circumstances a cat that goes into a void space will eventually make its way out on its own,” firefighters said, but Phoebe “was not able to in this instance.”

Crews decided that cutting into an opening in the drywall from the adjacent apartment would cause the least amount of damage during their mission to save Phoebe. 

Working cautiously to avoid further distressing her, they freed the feline with some, but little damage to the apartment overall. 

One photo posted by the Hyannis Fire Department shows Phoebe as she’s wedged into the wall, while another features a member of the crew with a giant grin, holding the stunned cat after bringing it to safety.