Southborough man uses broom to defend his wife and dog from coyotes

The Asaree Drive residents reported that four coyotes formed a pack in their backyard on Sunday night.

A Southborough man chased away a pack of coyotes with a broom Sunday night after watching the animals surround his wife and dog in their backyard, police said in a Facebook post.

CAUTION:Today we received a report of some aggressive Coyote behavior in town. A resident of Asaree Drive reported…

Posted by Southborough Police Department on Monday, March 2, 2020

“Today we received a report of some aggressive coyote behavior in town,” Southborough police said.  

The woman and her 85-pound shepherd mix were reportedly circled by four coyotes that didn’t seem to be intimidated by her or her dog. The wolves began forming a pack around the pair in their Asaree Drive backyard, police said.

Police said after her husband noticed, he ran outside to chase them off with a broom. 

“This time of year is a very busy time for coyotes,” Southborough police said. “Breeding occurs in February, and in March, coyotes look for areas to set up their dens. The female usually gives birth in April.”


Police said the animals are fairly active just before sunset and stay active until just after sunrise, though it’s pretty typical for them to be out during the daylight to seek food. 

“As a reminder: Please do not leave your small children or pets outside, unattended, without adult supervision,” officers said. “Coyotes have been known to attack or take away (smaller) dogs and cats even from within fenced-in areas.”

Police also recommended brushing up on coyote safety tips, and how to prevent conflicts with the animals.


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