What Massachusetts’s lighthouses look like from a helicopter in the fall

This two-minute tour of the New England coast is well worth your time.

We’ve been through this drill before:

Step 1: Click the full screen button on the above video (seriously though, do it).

Step 2: Hit play.

Jack Bushell, Jordan Kines, Diego Rosende, and Nick Vigue are now juniors at Emerson College and have produced yet another stunning 4K-resolution film of local landmarks from the perspective of a helicopter fluttering above the Boston-area coastline.

Hovering above the lucent New England waters thanks to the Norwood-based Tuckamore Aviation helicopter tour company, the four students filmed Boston Light, Minot’s Ledge Light, Graves Light, fishing boats, and fall foliage.

“The most breathtaking part was being above the lighthouses as the sun first hit them,” Vigue told Boston magazine.

The group also posted a behind-the-video video, which shows a bit of how the above film was made possible.


(h/t to Lloyd Mallison over at Boston magazine)

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