Boston Marathon 2020

The first virtual Boston Marathon is underway. Runners: Here’s how to share your story on

Why are you running the virtual marathon?

A four wheeler doing a wheelie as he crosses the Boston Marathon finish line. September 7 was the first day registered runners could run their virtual marathon. (Matthew J. Lee / Boston Globe Staff)

The Boston Marathon this year is a race like no other in its 124-year history. Registered runners don’t have to cross the finish line at Copley, or even complete the race on the same day as other runners to receive their medals.

In place of the canceled in-person event, the Boston Athletic Association is hosting a series of virtual programming spanning 12 days through September 14. While the course might be different for each runner this year, the drive to finish and love for the sport — and Boston — remains the same.

So, we want to know: Why are you running the 2020 virtual Boston Marathon? 


Perhaps you are a runner who chose to run 26.6 miles in a place that means something extra special to you? Or maybe you got creative with your course to spell out a message?

Maybe you’re running for a cause that needs support? Or you’re running for a loved one’s memory? Maybe you signed up to run the Boston Marathon for the first time before the event was re-imagined, and this is your first experience? Whichever the circumstance, we want to hear your story about running the Boston Marathon during a pandemic.

Tell us why you’re still running and what the race experience has been like for you in 300 words or less by filling out the form below, and send a picture of yourself with your name to [email protected]. We’ll publish your story, and share it on our social media accounts.


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