Gen X/Y millionaires take new approach to wealth, Fidelity Investments survey finds

Young millionaires are far more optimistic than their older counterparts, according to a new survey from Fidelity Investments.

The Boston-based financial services company known for mutual funds and retirement savings products has just issued its 6th Fidelity Millionaire Outlook survey, which was drawn from online interviews with a random sample of 542 millionaire investors.

As part of the analysis, the respondents were broken into two age groups — Gen X/Y millionaires (investors from 18 to 48) and investors 49 and older.

In a press release, Fidelity said: “This year’s study found that – despite being three times as likely to acknowledge that inheritance helped build their fortune – the next generation of millionaires is working hard to grow their money. Gen X/Y millionaires have the most positive financial outlook in the history of the study and are far from sitting idle with their investments, averaging 30 trades per month.’’


Presumably, age influences a person’s views about money. Gen X/Y millionaires are still accumulating assets, while many investors in the older group are either nearing retirement or already retired.

“Gen X/Y millionaires are taking a dramatically different approach to their wealth than the older generations, signaling a new era of wealthy investors,’’ Bob Oros, executive vice president of Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services, said in a statement. “These next generation millionaires, who have already surpassed their older counterparts in total assets, are likely to drive significant change among the investors who want to emulate them, the advisors who serve them and the financial services industry that supports them.’’

To qualify to be included in the survey, a person had to have investable assets of at least $1 million, excluding workplace retirement accounts and any real estate holdings.

Fidelity said it partnered with Bellomy Research, an independent third-party research firm, to conduct the study.

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