Mallomar buffs get ready for the cookie’s 100th anniversary

Image taken from the Mallomars Facebook page.
Image taken from the Mallomars Facebook page.

For gourmets, 2013 is a year of milestones. In the Boston area, some locals are celebrating the centennial of Prince Pasta. And, meanwhile, it’s hats off for the 100th anniversary of the Mallomar, a Nabisco cookie that features a graham cracker fluffed with a marshmallow topping and coated in chocolate.

Unlike many biscuits and crackers, Mallomars is not a cookie for all seasons.

In the early part of the 20th century, the challenge of preventing chocolate from melting during the summer months defied the expertise of even the most intrepid of food scientists. And so Mallomars were available only from September through March, in months presumably too cool to melt chocolate.


While science has advanced, that September-through-March tradition continues, and the product is just making its way back onto retailers’ shelves for the start of the 2013-2014 Mallomar season.

The Mallomar’s actual birthday is not until Nov. 13, but the cookie’s publicists are already amping up the hoo-ha.

A special Facebook page has been set aside so buffs can share their “Mallo-Memories.’’ At this page, a Mallomar time-line is on view, and fans are urged to take a trip down memory lane while fortifying themselves on Mallomars. There are also coupons to be had and a sweepstakes for entering.

The Mallomar brand is now owned by Mondelēz International Inc. With 2012 revenue of $35 billion, the company describes itself as a “global snacking powerhouse.’’ The company’s brands include Cadbury, Nabisco and Oreo biscuits, Tang powdered beverages, and Trident gum.

“Over the past 100 years, Mallomars have secured a special place in the hearts of fans everywhere,’’ Darlene Litam, the Mallomars brand manager at Mondelēz International, said in a statement. “Because of their seasonal nature, Mallomars are highly anticipated year after year, and this year is particularly exciting as we celebrate the cookie’s 100th anniversary by looking back at our fans’ favorite Mallo-Memories.’’ 


The marshmallow may have a special hold on Massachusetts. Not long after the emergence of the Mallomar, Marshmallow Fluff was invented locally. And even now, folks in Somerville are mobilizing for next week’s scheduled “What the Fluff?’’ festival, an event that looms large on the calendars of connoisseurs who love marshmallows in all its varied forms.

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