‘House Hunters’ came knocking, and I said no

Pictured is the kitchen of Crimaldi’s condo.
Pictured is the kitchen of Crimaldi’s condo.

My real estate agent recently approached me about an offer to have my condo featured on a “House Hunters Renovation.’’

I said no.

It wasn’t because people are banging down the door to buy my condo. They aren’t. But I didn’t see how having my place featured on a cable house hunting show would help.

I’ve never watched “House Hunters,’’ but I‘ve heard (brace yourself) that what you see on TV is not all that it seems. This is what the grapevine told me: The buyers featured on those shows basically have locked up a deal to purchase their dream home before the cameras even start rolling.


A house hunt is then set up and documented on film, culminating in the buyers purchasing the home that they settled on before their reality TV adventure began. A few months later, the episode airs on television. I was sort of hoping my condo would sell by then.

This 2012 story from Slate basically confirmed what I had already heard, but I wanted my real estate agent to get to the bottom of this.

Sure enough, the young couple interested in scouting out my condo has already bought a different place.

So much for having my “House Hunters’’ dream come true.

This is what a HGTV public relations representative e-mailed me in response to my inquiry about the show:

“Questions about the authenticity of the House Hunters production process have been asked and answered. This series is about the journey to find a perfect home. The people you see in the show are real people who have searched for, negotiated and paid for a home with their own money. They move in and make it their own. We simply shorten a very lengthy process for television. HGTV has brought viewers enjoyment with House Hunters for 14 years and we hope they will continue to enjoy the series, not only for the entertainment value, but also for the practical home buying and selling knowledge that they gain from the viewing experience.’’


There you have it.

But there is one aspect of this proposal that will leave me wondering how things would have turned out if I agreed to put my home in the spotlight.

“House Hunters Renovation’’ goes beyond the real estate search to give viewers a look at how new homeowners renovate and decorate their new abodes.

I understand if people don’t care for the lime green hue in my kitchen, but what the house hunters could find to renovate is beyond me.

First, I purchased the condo in 2006 after a complete gut renovation. During my seven years there, I installed a new furnace, hot water heater, light fixtures, and fans, had insulation blown in, and helped pay for our condo association to replace the driveway.

I’d tell you to stay tuned, but this is one of those stories that was over before it even began.

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