Business intelligence software firm Nutonian raises $4m

Nutonian Inc., a Cambridge company that makes automated business intelligence software under the brand name Eureqa, has raised $4 million in a Series A financing round.

The round was led by founding investor Atlas Venture, a Cambridge-based venture capital firm.

According to Nutonian’s website, Eureqa allows users to dig deeper into correlations and understand relationships that can provide predictive and actionable insight – insights that traditional software isn’t capable of generating.

“Nutonian is where Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence meet, fundamentally changing the way we use, and extract value from data’’ Atlas Venture partner Chris Lynch said in a statement. “The Eureqa platform can identify and explain the causal relationships in big data, enabling customers to solve real-world problems where predictions alone do not suffice. In doing so, Nutonian brings the power of a team of data scientists to non-technical staff.’’

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