Staples helps Kiss alumni Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in efforts to bring football to LA

This photo was included with the Staples press release.
This photo was included with the Staples press release.

Staples Inc., the Framingham-based office supply retailer looking to reinvent itself, said Thursday that it has offered a helping hand to rock stars Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in their efforts to “make pro football happen in Los Angeles.’’

Simmons and Stanley are perhaps best known for their work with the rock band Kiss.

In a press release, Staples said it supplied the LA Kiss corporate office with “everything needed to launch the business operations of the new LA Kiss arena football team.’’

With the company looking to shrink its brick-and-mortar presence while evolving into more of an online retailer, Staples recently swapped its long-time “That was Easy’’ marketing mantra for a new one — “Make More Happen.’’


Steve Fund, a Staples senior vice president, incorporated the new slogan into a statement about the company’s efforts on behalf of the Simmons-and-Stanley pigskin initiative.

“At Staples, we’re adding thousands of products every day to make it easy for our customers to make more happen,’’ Fund said. “Through our expanded product assortment on, we had everything a football team in Los Angeles needed to get started, except the team.’’

Staples has the naming rights to Staples Center in Los Angeles, where the Lakers play basketball and the Kings play hockey.

But there are no plans for the LA Kiss team to play at the Staples Center.

The LA Kiss arena football team’s home opener, however, is scheduled for April 5th at the Honda Center, a Staples spokeswoman wrote in an e-mail.

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