Twitter considers abandoning the ‘retweet’

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Twitter is experimenting with a change that is catching some users off guard. The social media company is replacing the “retweet’’ with a generic “share’’ function for a small sample of users, according to Business Insider.

The announcement comes just a week after a similarly jarring proposal from Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.

Business Insider reports:

The company is currently experimenting with a version that doesn't have a "retweet" function. Instead, the buttons display the word "share," which is a sort of generic command used by a lot of social media companies to encourage people to repost or, er, retweet stuff so that their friends will see it.

Costolo believes that Twitter jargon like “retweet’’ is daunting to new users, according to Business Insider. The new “share,’’ which is only in the testing phase, has the same function as the “retweet.’’ The only apparent difference is in the name.

Twitter plans to gauge user reactions to the change before it makes any permanent changes. From the look of it, many users haven’t taken too kindly to the switch.


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