V-One Vodka introduces two flavors

Photo courtesy of the company.
Photo courtesy of the company.

Valley Vodka Inc., a spirits company based in Hadley, said it has launched its two flavored vodkas, V-One Vanilla and V-One Lime.

According to the company, the recipes for these new offerings were partly handcrafted in the Hadley basement of founder Paul Kozub.

The two flavors have been refined by years of research, he said.

In the case of V-One Vanilla, the vodka draw on the “careful blend’’ to two types of vanilla.

“The first, Tahitian vanilla is known for its incredible aroma that is floral with tones of ripe fruit,’’ Kozub said in a statement. “The second

vanilla is Madagascar vanilla, the world’s most popular vanilla, which is rich, creamy, and smooth.’’


As for V-1 One Lime, its recipe calls for being “finished with a hint of garden mint,’’ Kozub suggested.

Mint or no, Kozub added that V-One Lime does not “have that artificially flavored candy taste that many of the current lime vodkas have.’’

Both the V-One Lime and V-One Vanilla are available in 750 milliliter bottles and will generally retail for between $24 and $27.

While recipes are often developed and tweaked in Hadley, the vodka itself is now produced exclusively by Polmos Lublin, which has been making vodka in Poland for more than 100 years, the company said.

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