KFC Brings Back the Double Down ‘Sandwich’

KFC (AP Photo/Elise Amendola) –AP

Fast food connoisseurs, start your engines: KFC announced plans to bring back its infamous Double Down sandwich for a about a month starting next Monday.

The item features 540 calories of bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and some, uh, “Colonel’s sauce’’ bookended with two pieces of fried chicken. Mmm.

For the health-conscious fast food fans among us, the chain also offered a grilled chicken substitute ringing in at only 460 calories. For reference, a McDonald’s Big Mac is about 550 calories.

KFC sold more than 10 million Double Downs during its first month on the market in 2010, after the buzzworthy sandwich got the attention of late night television hosts, daredevils and disgusted food critics.


But KFC’s parent company, Yum! Brands, took the item off the menu in U.S. stores later that year, while global markets continued to gobble up the Double Down.

Jordan Weissmann at Slate called the re-release a “pure PR play.’’:

"...right now, KFC could probably use all the attention it can get. Chick-Fil-A recently usurped its throne as the king of American chicken chains. And while Yum's annual report doesn't break out Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC, Yum's U.S. same-store sales across all brands were flat in 2013.

So heck, why not bring back a greasy fascination? Look, I'm already writing about it. And you're reading! If it's a publicity stunt, it's already working at least a little."

Not into fried chicken? There’s always a hot dog with a bacon cheddar sausage bun.

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