Survey: Intern Hiring to Shrink Nationally, Increase in Northeast in 2014

The northeast stands to add more interns in 2014 while companies nationwide cut back.
The northeast stands to add more interns in 2014 while companies nationwide cut back. –Lynne Sladky, AP

Businesses will hire 3 percent fewer interns nationwide in 2014. But in the northeast, companies expect to increase intern hiring by 10 percent.

The numbers come from the National Association of College and Employers, which tracks how college grads and students mingle with the larger workforce.

The northeast is resistant to the broader national trend because the region inhabits more companies in the broadly-categorized professional services industry that are adding interns this year, NACE spokesperson Kenneth Tsang suggested.

Nationwide, though, the story is a little different. With a 3.4 percent drop expected, this year will mark the first since 2009, in the wake of the financial crisis, that companies will take on fewer interns than the year before.


The following chart from NACE shows national intern hiring rates over the past 11 years.

The companies polled by NACE — more than 250 of them, across 20 industries — say they will bring on more bachelors’ degree candidates for internships this year. However, they plan to bring on fewer interns who are in pursuit of associate, master’s, and Ph.D. candidates.

The survey did not differentiate between paid and unpaid internships. NACE did find that the average paid intern makes between $15 and $20 per hour while earning a bachelor’s degree, and between $22 and $23 per hour while seeking a master’s.

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