Could We Soon See a Third Bridge to Cape Cod?

The state is seeking private investment to fund a third bridge to Cape Cod.
The state is seeking private investment to fund a third bridge to Cape Cod. –The Boston Globe

When cars line up bumper-to-bumper this Memorial Day weekend, making their way down Route 3 to mark the start of summer on Cape Cod, the common question from kids in the backseat and adults in the front alike figures to be: “Couldn’t there be another bridge?’’

That might be more than just Memorial Daydream, if a new plan from the Mass. Department of Transportation comes to fruition.

Mass. DOT is seeking investors to fund what would be the state’s first privately-built bridge, the Boston Herald reports.

The third bridge, joining the Sagamore and Bourne Bridges, would be entirely privately-funded, and would have a toll that would pay back investors until the state took it back over. DOT’s highway administrator Frank DePaola said the state can’t justify building a new bridge when other bridges across the state are in poor repair, according to the Herald.


The Herald also reports the bridge would only serve as an entrance to the Cape, while the Sagamore Bridge would be converted to an exit—presumably meaning each would allow for four lanes of traffic, provided the new bridge was structured similarly to the Cape’s two existing bridges.

The proposal is in the very early stages. And the bridge wouldn’t happen without private investment, DePaola said. But in an ideal world, construction would begin within three years and would take at least four more to build, according to Boston Magazine.

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