Want to Shop at Restoration Hardware? Here Are 17 Pounds of Catalogs

Restoration Hardware's BerkeleyStreet location in Boston.
Restoration Hardware's BerkeleyStreet location in Boston. –Jonathan Wiggs for The Boston Globe

Mailboxes are not generally large receptacles. They are meant for small items like utility bills and birthday cards from Grandma. That may seem obvious to most of us, but it seems like the folks over at Restoration Hardware did not get the memo.

That’s because this week they are reaching out to their customer base by sending 17 pounds worth of catalogs. To each person.

In an interview with Apartment Therapy, the California-based company’s CEO Gary Friedman said the catalogs, actually referred to as “source books,’’ are a new strategy from the luxury furniture company. In an effort to distinguish the store from other big box shops selling couches and chairs, the retailer is sending out a once-a-year installment of catalogs that detail literally all of the products that can be found in its stores. Friedman is hoping that will entice people to go to Restoration Hardware for the in-store experience, something the CEO feels distinguishes their locations from other big box shops.


Unfortunately, the catalogs have not gone over well with a lot of people. Several of them took to Twitter to complain about the weight of the “source books’’ and mock a letter that claimed the hefty group of catalogs is actually environmentally friendly.

Here is just a sampling of some of those complaints:

Despite the complaints, the strategy may work after all. With so much back pain from lifting the magazines, people will have no choice but to head to Restoration Hardware for some new, more supportive furniture.

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