What We’re Buying on Amazon

Amazon’s dispute with Hachette has escalated this week.
A new survey asked customers what they bought most recently on Amazon. –AP

You can buy pretty much anything through Amazon, and a recent survey provides a snapshot of what people are buying there the most.

The survey of 1,100 Amazon customers was conducted by Chicago-based Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. The survey categorized consumers’ most recent purchase through the e-commerce giant.

Electronics products account for about a third of all purchases on Amazon, followed by the company’s once-defining product, books, at just under 20 percent. Groceries ranked third, which speaks well to that budding segment of Amazon’s service. (Amazon’s Fresh service currently delivers groceries within 24 hours of ordering in a few cities on the West Coast, and is expected to expand into several more cities in the next year, according to tech news site Re/code.


Products in the sports, music, and auto categories were the third, second, and least-purchased, respectively.

About a third of book purchases were e-books, while about half of music purchases were downloaded.

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