Where Boston’s Recent Grads Move

San Francisco is one of the cities that draw from Boston’s pool of recent graduates.
San Francisco is one of the cities that draw from Boston’s pool of recent graduates. –Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Boston did not qualify as one of the top cities recent graduates move to in a list compiled by LinkedIn, based on data from the professionally-geared social network. But some of the cities on that list drew pretty heavily from Boston’s own recent grads.

LinkedIn’s research examined data from users who took new jobs more than 100 miles away from their former position, and who had graduated within three years before making the move. Using that information, researchers were able to quantify what percentage of a given city’s new residents were recent grads.

The list was focused on movement from city to city, so it did not take into account students who would have graduated from a given region’s colleges and stuck around. Boston—in case you haven’t heard—has a lot of colleges, so to some degree it fits that bill. That reasoning only runs so far, though; one previous study showed that Boston is only the eighth-ranked destination for recent graduates of area colleges.


Meanwhile, the Boston area did have its share of cameos in the LinkedIn study, showing up as a pool from which five of the top-10 cities drew their recent grads.

Those cities: San Francisco, which ranked eighth on the list; Chicago (sixth); New York City (fifth); Minneapolis-St. Paul (third); and Washington, D.C. (second).

Paris came in as the top-ranked city on the list. According to LinkedIn, 42 percent of Paris’s new residents in 2013 were fresh out of school.

LinkedIn’s international data is probably somewhat skewed to favor American and European cities, since more than a third of its users are located in the US. Another 22 percent or so are located in Europe. However, São Paulo, Brazil, and Bangalore, India, both showed up on the list. Brazil has 17 million LinkedIn users, and India has 24 million.

Earlier this year, financial analysis site NerdWallet ranked Boston as a top-10 city for recent grads. That finding was based on a confluence of factors: the city’s population of educated young people, affordability compared to incomes, and the overall strength of its workforce. Boston ranked eighth on that list.

You can see LinkedIn’s full list below.

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