Dunkin’ Ends Franchise-Led Delivery Service

A franchise-led delivery service for Dunkin’ Donuts is no longer active.
A franchise-led delivery service for Dunkin’ Donuts is no longer active. –The Boston Globe

Well, that didn’t last very long.

Dunkin’ Brands said Friday afternoon that the Davis Square Dunkin’ Donuts store is no longer delivering orders through Foodler.

“We can confirm that the Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant located at 244 Elm Street in Somerville is no longer participating in the Foodler food delivery program. We will continue to explore alternative and innovative methods to serve our guests in the Greater Boston area,’’ the statement reads.

Boston.com reported Thursday that the Davis Square Dunkin’ franchise had begun doing delivery services earlier in the week, through a deal struck with Dashed, a company that does deliveries on behalf of Foodler. The service offered delivery to Downtown Boston, Back Bay, Somerville, and Cambridge.


Earlier Friday morning, a spokesperson for Dashed said Thursday’s report on Boston.com spurred many franchisees to contact Dunkin’ Brands, irritated that they could not participate. (Dashed had said it was only presently planning to work with one franchise group, which owns the Davis Square store.) The spokesperson said that caused Dunkin’ Donuts corporate to “halt’’ the service.

The Dashed spokesperson also said at the time that Dunkin’s corporate offices had not been involved in the original delivery deal—meaning the deal had been spearheaded by the franchise group on its own.

Early Friday afternoon, the same Dashed spokesperson said Dashed had managed to get delivery reopened. However, Dunkin’s corporate office’s statement, issued after 4 p.m. on Friday, appears to disagree.

Meanwhile, as of this writing, if you try to order food from Dunkin’ on Foodler, you are told: “Delivery is not currently available, but you can continue and schedule a future delivery time.’’

Dashed could not be reached for further comment, nor could Dunkin’ Donuts be reached to elaborate. Cafua Management, the franchise group that runs the Davis Square store, could not be reached for comment either.

Update, June 7: Dashed has confirmed the service is not operating. CEO Phil Dumontet said in a statement that he is hopeful the service will come back: “Dashed is eager to expand its Dunkin’ Donuts delivery offerings. We are enthusiastic about quickly moving past this pause.’’

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