Stoughton IKEA Expands Storerooms

Ikea has undergone a 58,575 square foot expansion at its Stoughton store.
Ikea has undergone a 58,575 square foot expansion at its Stoughton store. –Justine Hunt / The Boston Globe

IKEA shoppers who flock to the Swedish company’s Stoughton store may find the it larger and more expansive than they remember on their next trip.

The building recently completed a 58,575 square foot expansion, The Patriot Ledger reports.

The store now has 415,575 square feet of retail space, which displays room after room of cheap-yet-chic IKEA merchandise. Customers file through those rooms and after picking out what they want, they then go to massive storerooms to pick out the assemblable furniture and lug it back to their cars.

The expansion was focused on the storeroom part of the Stoughton location, which can now house far more stock.


Although the Swedish company has recently tried to expand its online presence, the website does not offer the same variety featured in stores. IKEA therefore still relies primarily on its expansive warehouses to attract customers.

The Stoughton branch, which is located about 30 minutes outside of Boston, serves most of the New England area. It is the northernmost location on the East Coast and the only Massachusetts store.

Read more about the expansion from The Patriot Ledger.

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