Mother of Three Looks Like… A Suicide Bomber?

Holly Fisher, gun toting mother of three, looks a whole lot like this suicide bomber.
Holly Fisher, gun toting mother of three, looks a whole lot like this suicide bomber. –Pharyngula

Boston, meet Holly Fisher, gun toting mother of three.

Fisher posted a photo of herself sporting a pro life shirt and clutching a Chick-fil-A cup outside a Hobby Lobby during the aftermath of the controversial decision handed down two weeks ago. The image subsequently went viral.

Fisher then set her sights on a more dramatic shot.

On July 4, she posted a picture of herself holding a bible and a gun, standing before an American flag, because of course, nothing screams America more than guns and religion (duh).

The caption reads “biggest complaint I’m getting about my #HobbyLobby pic is there’s no gun, bible, or flag. Tried to make up for it.’’


At least she used an Oxford comma.

As Slate points out, the photo bears some resemblance to an image of muslim suicide bomber Reem Riyashi. Riyashi was also a mother, but a mom who killed four people and then herself by setting off a suicide bomb on the Gaza Strip during 2004.

For the record, Fisher is not a suicide bomber, but the comparision is just one example of the outrage prompted by her photo.

The image has prompted a partisan back and forth over the Internet during the last week as liberals have lambasted the West Virginia resident while conservatives have rushed to her side. Fisher has reportedly gotten death threats.

One Twitter user even made this photo, which Fisher didn’t entirely hate.

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