Market Basket Employee Arrested in N.H. Amid Protests

Epping, N.H. police arrested Market Basket employee Brian Johnson Tuesday.
Epping, N.H. police arrested Market Basket employee Brian Johnson Tuesday. –Epping Police Department

A Market Basket employee at a New Hampshire store was arrested Tuesday morning.

Police in Epping, N.H. charged Brian Johnson, 37, a clerk at the store, with reckless driving. The incident was first reported by, and was confirmed by

Johnson allegedly sped through the store’s parking lot. Assistant store manager Eric Beaulieu characterized it to SeacoastOnline by saying Johnson was “moving his vehicle and he pulled out kind of fast.’’

Police were on-site at the store after they were called by Beaulieu to look into two people who were said to be videotaping on the premises. On social media, employees have said unknown people, who will not speak, have been showing up at stores to videotape and take notes. Employees speculate—as did Beaulieu—that they are working on behalf of Market Basket’s current leadership.


Epping Police Chief Michael Wallace told that the people videotaping were not breaking any laws. He told SeacoastOnline that police believe employees were blocking the so-called monitors with their cars. “I think tensions are high and he was upset with the (monitors) being there,’’ Wallace told SeacoastOnline.

Employees across Market Basket are protesting the firing of former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas last month. Protests are being held at many of the chain’s New England stores and many customers are boycotting the company.


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