Strong Signage Shows Support for Market Basket’s Ousted CEO

At left, Juan Acevedo, of Lowell, a seven year employee of Market Basket, held a sign in Tewksbury that says, "I will only work for ATD. Please shop somewhere else." Similar signs can be found at most Market Basket stores and the various rallies staged seeking the reinstatement of ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas. –Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Call it a sign of the times.

Market Basket employees and customers have been encouraged to actively protest at stores for the reinstatement of fired CEO Arthur T. Demoulas, with many of them brandishing signs that underscore their loyal support for both the grocery store chain and its ousted leader.

As chaos at Market Basket moves into Tuesday, employee protest organizers are urging the mantra, “71 stores, 71 rallies.’’

Employees have also begun to encourage a boycott of stores, notwithstanding that several stores are running out of product.

Several management-level employees have already been fired as a result of the ongoing movement. Demoulas, in a statement Monday night — his first since being fired last month — urged that the fired employees be reinstated.


Here is a sample of some of the signs and posters with strong-worded messages that can be found at both the rallies and at Market Basket stores.

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