For Sale: Supermarket Chain, Slightly Used, Plenty of Character

–Mark A. Buckawicki

Apparently Arthur T. Demoulas is not the only person interested in buying out Arthur S. Demoulas and his faction at Market Basket. Several suitors have made offers for the popular supermarket chain that has been crippled by a multi-generational power struggle among the family members that own it.

The Boston Globe reports:

The people briefed on the offers said the potential buyers include private equity firms and rival supermarket chains interested in gaining a stronger foothold in New England. Market Basket operates 71 stores in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

It is unclear whether any of the suitors is still interested, given the turmoil that has enveloped the company since Arthur T.’s firing in late June. The recent rallies have featured heated demands from longtime employees that Arthur T. be reinstated as president, which could make acquiring the company a thorny process for any rival chain.

Click here to read the full Boston Globe story.

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