Market Basket Board Meeting in Boston

As thousands of Market Basket employees and supporters rallied outside the Market Basket Tewksbury headquarters, the company’s board of directors have decamped to the Prudential Center for a meeting Friday morning.

The Boston Globe reports:

Just before 8 a.m, three board members — chairman Keith Cowan, investment banker Eric F. Gebaide, and financial consultant Ronald Weiner — brushed past Eleanor Corcoran, a 28-year old customer recruited to approach board members with more than 100,000 signatures collected from shoppers supporting the Market Basket boycott.

“I approached him and said, ‘Excuse me sir,’ probably three times and he just ignored me,’’ Corcoran said of Cowan. It was the same when Gebaide and Weiner arrived.

Board member William Shea accepted one of the five bags of signed petitions that Corcoran and 10 other Market Basket protesters had brought to the Pru.

Bryon Barnett from 7 News was able to corral company owner Arthur S. Demoulas for a brief, combative interview. will continue to update this post as more information becomes available (if it becomes available) from the board meeting. In the meantime, The Boston Globe explains who the different board members are and how they are aligned in the family feud.

Here are some social media updates from the Pru:

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