Market Basket Customer Makes $100-Per-Worker Pledge

Market Basket customer Raymond Santos is putting his shopping dollars where his mouth is. Incensed at a management ultimatum against the supermarket chain’s workers, he’s pledging to spend $100 at competing grocers for every Market Basket employee fired.

Santos posted the pledge on Twitter Wednesday night, and asked for others to take up the cause:

“Customers like me believe that you shouldn’t put profits over people. And quite frankly I don’t think I could stand to watch one person lose their job fighting for what they believe in,’’ said Santos in an interview with

According to Santos, his family spends up to $200 per week on groceries, so shopping at competing supermarkets would mean supporting about two fired employees each trip.


Santos said he hoped the company’s board and C-level management would listen to their customers.

“I posed that challenge because I believe that Arthur S. Demoulas, the Market Basket board and the current CEOs have completely misjudged the situation. It’s the customers that they need to listen to. And the customers have spoken,’’ said Santos.

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