Market Basket Customers to Counter Execs With Own Full-Page Ad

Market Basket took out a full-page advertisement in Thursday’s Boston Globe, advertising job fairs next week.

The company’s two CEOs issued a statement Wednesday saying they “need’’ workers back by August 4, and that they would advertise jobs with the expectation some employees would choose not to come back.

The ad, which ran in multiple newspapers, lists several headquarter positions—accounting for most of the employees who have actually stopped working, or who have already been fired. Most of Market Basket’s store employees have still been going to work, but with an ongoing customer boycott they haven’t had much to do.


It also lists store manager positions (in Market Basket lingo, a general manager is called a store director). Most store managers have signed a petition saying they will quit if Arthur T. Demoulas is not ultimately reinstated as CEO.

The ad from Thursday’s Globe is below.

A group of Market Basket customers say they intend to take out a full-page ad of their own in The Lowell Sun this weekend. The ad would say customers plan to continue their boycott of the company until employees’ demands are met. Customers are raising money to do so on They have raised about $10,000 as of 4:30 p.m.

Sun publisher Mark O’Neil confirmed to that the customer ad is scheduled to run in the Saturday paper, and that a second ad may run on Sunday depending on how the fundraising goes.

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