Online Donations for Market Basket Ad Nearly Double Revere Tornado Relief

–Screenshots via GoFundMe

The crowdsourced charity of GoFundMe has been a game changer for charities and families and individuals who need a helping hand. Last week, there were two high-profile GoFundMe campaigns started in the Greater Boston area. One was created to help the victims of Monday’s tornado in Revere, and the other was launched by Market Basket customers to take an ad out to rebuke the company’s current management and support the supermarket chain’s employees.

Both campaigns started late on Thursday. Do you even have to ask which did better over the first three days?

The Market Basket customer ad campaign pulled in $21,811. That’s nearly double the $11,400 Revere collected in online donations.


Fortunately, Revere officials said they’ve already secured $100,000 in donations from other sources, so it’s not as though the relief campaign has been a total bust. But given the chance to donate online, choosy shoppers continued to support Market Basket.

Click here if you’d like to donate to the Revere Tornado Fund.

Click here to see the Market Basket customer GoFundMe, which funded a Lowell Sun ad that ran in Saturday’s paper.

Check out more coverage of the Market Basket saga here.

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