Want to Find Happiness in Massachusetts? Get Ready to Break the Bank

The romantic in all of us would probably like to believe that true happiness can only be found with a pure soul and a kind heart. Unfortunately, we would all be wrong.

You see, back in 2010 a Princeton study brought to light the cold reality that, in the United States, much of our emotional well-being is actually coming from our annual household income. Worse still, we keep finding happiness in our money until we start making $75,000.

But according to Huffington Post, a new analysis of that 2010 data compared with the cost of living in each state shows that the situation may actually be worse depending on where you live. And yes, Massachusetts is one of those places.


When compared to cost of living, residents in the Bay State continue deriving happiness from their household income until it reaches $90,975. That figure puts Massachusetts squarely among the top 10 states where you’ve got to be obscenely wealthy before you stop finding joy in your wallet. The top spot in that category went to Hawaii, where the cost of living is understandably high, and money “buys happiness’’ until a household starts making $122,175. So it could be worse.

The rest of the top 10 is rounded out by places like New York ($99,150), Washington DC ($104,700), Alaska ($98,850), and California ($95,325).

On the opposite end of the spectrum, those of us who don’t want money controlling our emotions should probably head south. In states like Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama, household income stops benefiting your emotional well-being at less than $70,000, freeing you up to find satisfaction in things like your family and your hobbies.

But so long as you’re living in Massachusetts, you may want to hold off on all that mushy crap until you’re wealthy. So much for all the sentimentality, huh? Thanks, science.

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