Starbucks to Offer Baristas More Stable Hours

A man drinks a Starbucks coffee in New York.
A man drinks a Starbucks coffee in New York. –Mark Lennihan/AP

Starbucks plans to revamp its scheduling system to give its 130,000 baristas far more stable hours, The New York Times reports.

The change comes after years of complaints regarding erratic schedules, including a Times article Wednesday that chronicled the struggles of a young barista as she tried to make ends meet for herself and her son.

On Thursday, after the article appeared, Starbucks announced plans to reign back its “clopening’’ system, in which stores closed very late at night and opened only a few hours later during the wee hours of the morning.

Starbucks exec Cliff Barrows wrote in an email that baristas should now get at least a weeks notice before scheduling changes. The rule, while already on the Starbucks books, was rarely followed, according to the Times.


The company also plans to rework its software to help managers input scheduling preferences.

Starbucks had previously operated on a system that gave little advance notice of weekly schedules for workers.

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