Boston, Worcester Officials Support Medical Marijuana Dispensary Despite State Rejection

Good Chemistry of Massachusetts was declared out of the running for one of the state’s medical marijuana dispensary licenses after state officials said it lacked support. But in the wake of that rejection, city officials in Boston and Worcester are going to bat for the company, The Boston Globe reports.

According to the report, Good Chemistry is including letters of support from Worcester’s mayor, a city councilor, six state legislators, and Boston City Council President Bill Linehan in a lawsuit seeking “a temporary restraining order against the state.’’

In letters urging the state to reverse its denial of Good Chemistry of Massachusetts’ dispensary in Worcester, the mayor, a city councilor, and six state legislators wrote that the company has broad support in the city and is being unfairly penalized.

In Boston, City Council President Bill Linehan also wrote a letter to the state in June supporting Good Chemistry’s plans for a dispensary in the city. On Tuesday, he said he stands by that support even though state health officials have announced that the company was eliminated.

You can read the full Boston Globe report here.


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