Charlie Baker Has an…Interesting Idea About Casino Repeal

If, come election night, things go his way in the governor’s race, and don’t go the gambling industry’s way in a referendum vote, likely Republican gubernatorial nominee Charlie Baker says he would file legislation to keep the planned Springfield casino afloat anyway. Baker shared that plan Wednesday with The Springfield Republican during a meeting with the paper’s editorial board.

Question 3 on Massachusetts voters’ ballots will ask whether the 2011 casino legislation should be wiped off the books that allowed for the Springfield casino and two others. Both sides in the fight are already active in their campaigns.


Before the Supreme Judicial Court ruled Question 3 could go to ballots in November, Baker said he supported holding a referendum. He told The Republican Wednesday that he personally would vote against repeal.

MGM Resorts was awarded the right to build a resort casino in Springfield in June, marking the first full casino to get state approval. Its license is pending the outcome of the referendum. The two other casinos allowed under the 2011 law have not yet been approved, and the effort to build one around Boston has been messy, at best.

You can read The Republican’s recap of the meeting here.

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