Stop & Shoppers, Among Others, Are Glad Market Basket Saga Over

“Thank you Market Basket Customers!’’ read a sign outside the Market Basket in Woburn.
“Thank you Market Basket Customers!’’ read a sign outside the Market Basket in Woburn. –Lara Salahi/

The end of the Market Basket saga is being hailed as a victory for the supermarket’s employees and loyal shoppers, but it’s also making regulars at nearby supermarkets happy.

Patrick Sweeney, a loyal Stop & Shop customer, is happy the Market Basket saga is over. —Lara Salahi/

“I’m glad the people who are moaning and groaning about the prices here are gone,’’ Patrick Sweeney of Burlington, Mass., a long-time Stop & Shop customer, said outside the Stop & Shop in Woburn.

Sweeney noted that Stop & Shop has been full of Market Basketeers who openly talk about the price differences between Stop & Shop and Market Basket the past few weeks. The aisles have been particularly crowded, too, inundated with confused shoppers.


By midday Thursday, though, he said Stop & Shop was less busy than it has been. “The parking lot is a lot less empty,’’ Sweeney said.

Barbara, another long-time Stop & Shop customer, noted that Market Basket shoppers had been overtaking her shopping experience recently. “Everybody’s here. You have to come early because of the crowd,’’ she said. “The aisles are packed.’’

That clogging of lanes has been an issue for some regular Stop & Shop customers, she said.

“One thing I don’t like about it: Because of Market Basket being closed, they’ve been jamming too many things in the aisles, and the older people don’t like that,’’ she said. “I hear a lot of seniors say this is very, very congested, especially with walkers and stuff like that.’’

Workers at Market Basket in Woburn were back to regular work on Thursday. —Lara Salahi/

Meanwhile, at the Market Basket in Woburn, the supermarket universe was put back on its axis as regulars were trickling back to their favored supermarket after weeks of shopping elsewhere. “I was very confused over at Shaw’s,’’ said Nancy Teneriello, who has been shopping at Market Basket for about 20 years. “I didn’t know what I was doing, and they could tell, I think, too, because if you need help, they were nice enough over there.’’


Shelves at the Market Basket remained largely empty, particularly in the meat, dairy, and produce sections.

Still, that didn’t stop Erica Kleinkopf from taking a trip in to Market Basket, where she’s been a loyal shopper for 21 years.

“I came in today because I just wanted to show my support again and just get things rolling again, so that they can get up and running as fast as possible,’’ she said.

The Stop & Shop where she has been doing some of her shopping is now out of the picture, to the expected delight of Stop & Shop fans like Barbara and Patrick.

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