A Tale of Two Headlines: Market Basket Edition

There’s a game old-time Bostonians like to play called “Thank God we’re a two newspaper town,’’ where you compare the same story as told by The Boston Globe and the Boston Herald. Boston Magazine, Universal Hub, and Dan Kennedy in particular will have fun with that from time to time.

Today’s version isn’t about Boston’s two dailies, alas, but the comparison is still a fun one. Here’s how WCVB and WBZ each treated Arthur T. Demoulas’ comments about opening some—but not all—of the planned new Market Baskets in the near future.

First there’s WCVB’s version of events:

And then there’s WBZ’s take:

Both of these headlines are factually correct. The difference is whether you view the glass of Market Basket-brand apple juice as half empty or half full.


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