Poll: Who, If Anybody, Should Get the Boston-Area Casino License?

Mohegan Sun (above) and Wynn Resorts (below) are bidding for casinos in Revere and Everett respectively.
Mohegan Sun (above) and Wynn Resorts (below) are bidding for casinos in Revere and Everett respectively.

UPDATE: We have closed this very unscientific (let’s stress that) survey.

With 1,402 voters, the results were pretty close:

Mohegan Sun (Revere): 37%

Wynn Resorts (Everett): 35%

Neither: Repeal the casino law: 23%

Neither option is good enough and the board should hold off: 5%


The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is likely to vote on the recipient of the Greater Boston casino license this week, perhaps as soon as today.

The Gaming Commission will be making the decision on whether the casino should be located in Everett or Revere. You can read about the commission’s discussions so far here.

In November, Massachusetts voters will be the ones doing the deciding, as they’ll head to the polls to determine whether the to repeal the 2011 law allowing for casinos in the state.


But official decisions aside, how do you feel? Should Wynn Resorts get the opportunity to build along the Mystic River in Everett? Should Mohegan Sun get the go-ahead for Suffolk Downs in Revere? Is neither proposal ready for prime time? Should casinos be given the boot from the state all together?

Vote in our poll below. We’ll update the article later with results. First, here’s a quick comparison of the two bids, whose renderings you can see above.

Mohegan Sun

Location: Revere

Cost: $1.1 billion

Expected jobs (according to Mohegan Sun): 4,000 permanent; 2,500 construction

Misc.: Struck a surrounding community deal with Boston that will pay city at least $18 million per year; Expected to keep Suffolk Downs horse racing operational; Commission has concerns about company’s finances and possibility it could prioritize Connecticut casino.

Wynn Resorts

Location: Everett

Cost: $1.6 billion

Expected jobs (according to Wynn): 4,000 permanent, 4,000 construction

Misc.: Expected to help clean up Mystic River; Stronger brand name; City of Boston could take legal action if Wynn receives license, after city decried arbitration process for surrounding community agreement.

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