Howie Carr Leaves WRKO, Will Start New Show Somewhere Else

Howie Carr at WRKO on November 16, 2007.
Howie Carr at WRKO on November 16, 2007. –Erik Jacobs for the Boston Globe

Conservative columnist and radio talk-show host Howie Carr has left WRKO after his contract expired, The Boston Globe reported—though nobody’s sure where he’s going next.

Carr has been mum about his employment status and future plans, but Entercom’s Greg Kaufman told The Globe that “[Carr’s] last show was last Friday. He’s off this week and will be starting a new program next week.’’

It is not yet clear what station will air Carr’s new show. The Globe article mentions rumors that the host is in talks with WMEX-AM.

According to MassLive, Carr has had issues in recent years with WRKO and his employer, Entercom Communications:

Carr’s relationship with station has been strained for some time. Carr frequently pointed listeners to his program to tune in on a different station like Worcester’s WCRN and instructed them to stream the show off his personal site now WRKO’s.

One of Carr’s favorite phrases when something went wrong at the station was “Enterom happens.’’

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