JetBlue Cuts Leg Room, Adds Bag Fees

Goodbye, JetBlue. We’re sorry things had to end this way.
Goodbye, JetBlue. We’re sorry things had to end this way. –REUTERS

What happened, JetBlue? You were supposed to be the one. You were supposed to be the airline we could take home to our families. You were supposed to have our backs, our legs, and our checked baggage. We trusted you and this is how you repay us?

You announced on Wednesday that you would be reducing the amount of leg room on your Airbus A320 planes from about 34 inches to 33 inches. An inch might not sound like much in leg room, but it’s miles long in betrayal. And it’s all so that you could add 15 seats to each plane? What are those 15 people giving you that we aren’t? We can be different! We’re willing to try new things!


Well, as long as those new things don’t include a fee for checked bags. We heard you’re thinking about doing that too, and frankly it’s insulting. We stuck by your side all these years, from the 2005 landing gear malfunction that led to an emergency landing in Los Angeles all the way up to this year’s emergency landing at Long Beach Airport after the cabin filled with smoke. These things happen, we know. But forcing us to pay for our bags after all of that means you really aren’t all that different from any of the other airlines out there. Except Southwest, which still lets us check not one, but TWO bags for free.

We didn’t want it to come to this, JetBlue. We really had hope for our relationship, but we feel like we don’t even know you anymore. It’s time to say goodbye, and we’re not alone.

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