Americans Will Spend $13 Billion Today—and Other Black Friday Stats

Shoppers roamed the halls at the Burlington Mall on Black Friday.
Shoppers roamed the halls at the Burlington Mall on Black Friday. –The Boston Globe

We’ll have to wait until Black Friday is over before we can arrive at even a rough estimate of what kind of money was spent, and by whom, and on what psychodemographically significant sort of stuff. But there were plenty of numbers thrown out ahead of time to give a sense for what kind of craziness the retail world may be looking at today and throughout the rest of the holiday season. Here’s a quick look at some of the projections in play.

140.1 million

The number of shoppers who say they will or may shop between Thursday and Sunday this week. That’s about 60 percent of American adults. (Source: National Retail Federation)



The percentage of those shoppers who say they’d hit the stores on Friday, far and away the highest for the weekend. (Source: National Retail Federation)

$13.13 billion

Expected consumer spending on Black Friday, a 1.6 percent increase over 2013. (Source: Market research firm IBISWorld)

$36.69 billion

Expected consumer spending Black Friday weekend—defined as Friday through Sunday. (Source: IBISWorld)


The percentage of shoppers nationwide who say they will rely less this year on Black Friday for securing their holiday bounty. (Source: Deloitte)


Consumers who plan to take care of the majority of their holiday shopping in December or later. That’s up 6 percent from last year. Locally, the number is higher, with 48 percent of Boston shoppers saying so. (Source: Deloitte)


Likely weekend shoppers who say they will hit the stores on Saturday. (Source: National Retail Federation)


Percentage of likely Saturday shoppers who say they will head to local businesses. The Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend has, in recent years, taken on the title of Small Business Saturday, in an effort to encourage consumers to shop local. Another 52 percent of shoppers said they may head to local businesses. (Source: National Retail Federation)

$2.6 billion

Projected online spending on Cyber Monday, a 15 percent increase over 2013. (Source: Adobe Systems)


$2.48 billion

Projected online spending on Black Friday. (Source: Adobe Systems)

$105 billion

Projected online sales throughout the holiday shopping season. (Source: National Retail Federation)

$616.9 billion

Projected overall spending during the holiday shopping season. (Source: National Retail Federation)


Percentage of overall 2014 retail sales that are projected to occur in November and December. (Source: National Retail Federation)


The year-over-year sales increase for the holiday shopping season, as projected by the National Retail Federation. The Retailers Association of Massachusetts foresees slightly lower growth here, of 3.9 percent. However, Deloitte projects a bigger surge locally, with Boston shoppers suggesting an 8 percent increase in the consultancy’s survey.

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