Hires Tim Molloy and Kaitlyn Johnston as Top Editors announced today it has hired Tim Molloy as editor and Kaitlyn Johnston as deputy editor of the website. The online publication, owned by Boston Globe Media Partners, has spent the better part of the last year transitioning from a digital outlet for Boston Globe content to an independent and competing regional media entity. Molloy and Johnston will be responsible for overseeing the editorial staff and defining an ambitious vision for the brand.

Molloy joins with a diverse background in media. He most recently worked for PBS’s documentary series Frontline, serving as its digital engagement editor since September of 2014. Prior to joining Frontline, whose offices are in Boston, Molloy worked as the television editor for entertainment and media news website The Wrap for nearly four years. He has also worked as managing editor at and spent more than a decade as a reporter and editor with The Associated Press.


Johnston also joins the site from across town, having most recently worked as executive digital editor for Boston magazine. She has been with Boston for nearly four years, following a stint as the digital editor for Pittsburgh Magazine.

Molloy and Johnston will inherit more than 3 million page views a day and over 90 million a month. They will also look to strengthen a website beset by controversy. recently went through a difficult period, beginning with an unverified report authored in late 2014 that made erroneous claims about Harvard Business School professor Ben Edelman, and a related incident that was perceived as profiting from the story.

In early 2015, the site received criticism for commentary about House Speaker John Boehner. Both incidents resulted in personnel changes in its editorial leadership structure and operational corrections, including a more stringent editing process.’s new hires are now tasked with further establishing the site’s editorial direction, creating a tone that is reflective of the diversity of voices within Boston and the important role the city plays nationally. Corey Gottlieb,’s general manager, said he is eager to welcome them aboard.

“I cannot begin to express how excited I am to bring Tim and Kaitlyn into our fold,’’ he wrote in a memo to staff on Monday. “They will set a high bar for and move us toward the powerful journalistic entity so many of us aspire to become. As great editors are apt to do, they’ll make us better versions of ourselves.’’


Both Molloy and Johnston will begin March 16.

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