Late-Night MBTA Service Extended

MBTA late-night service will be extended.
MBTA late-night service will be extended. –The Boston Globe

Late-night MBTA service on Fridays and Saturdays will be kept around, as the Massachusetts Department of Transportation board on Wednesday approved a 2016 fiscal-year budget that includes funds to extend it.

Late-night service will be adjusted to cut down on costs, however. It will end at 2 a.m. rather than 2:30, as it has for the last year.

Trains and buses will also come at a lower frequency, and five of the 15 late-night bus routes will be cut entirely. The five bus lines to be cut from the late-night schedule are the 15, 22, 71, 73, and 77 routes. These changes will come into effect on June 27.


The reduced service option was one of a few considered by the board, including outright elimination of late-night transit. Earlier this year, a report on late-night service found that it was projected to do $2.1 million in revenue compared to its $12.9 million costs for its first full year in operation.

Late-night service started last March, keeping MBTA services running two hours later than their usual 12:30 a.m. shutdown time. Supporters of the service have said it is useful for employees who work odd hours. According to a survey included in a presentation to the MassDOT board Wednesday, 31 percent of users took the T for work purposes, while 47 percent used it for social reasons.

Frequency changes for MBTA late-night rapid transit service. —MBTA
And frequency changes for late-night bus service. —MBTA
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