Facing pressure, Boston 2024 promises new plans by June

Boston 2024’s proposed Olympic Stadium.
The proposed Olympic stadium in South Boston. –AP

A detailed plan, a detailed plan, a detailed plan. The demand to see one from local organizing group Boston 2024 has become a common refrain around the Olympic bid, from a variety of constituents.

For months, Boston 2024 has said at public meetings that the bidding documents it published in January were “proof of concept,’’ and that it does not yet have definitive answers to a number of questions, covering everything from venue locations to the protection of taxpayer money to transportation, gentrification, and more. This has led to some residents venting their frustration at those public meetings, and to calls for the group to release a detailed plan that answers their questions.


Last week, The Boston Globe reported, the United States Olympic Committee sent an “unsettling email’’ that prompted the bidding committee to consider a change in leadership. Among the USOC’s concerns, according to the Globe, was a growing impatience for the group to publicize a detailed plan.

And now, Gov. Charlie Baker is demanding to see—you guessed it—a detailed plan. The Globe reports Baker wants a plan made by early June.

Boston 2024 had once said it would give the public an updated version of its Olympic plans at some point this fall. It more recently said the new plans would come at some point this summer. On Wednesday, Boston 2024 CEO Rich Davey told the Globe the group will release a plan with financial, venue, and infrastructure details for public review in June.

Boston 2024 has said its public meetings are meant to solicit input that would inform the detailed plan everybody wants to see. But the most consistent feedback that those meetings have produced has been that everybody wants to hear just how things would work—financially and otherwise—and fast.

Read the full Boston Globe report here.

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