Hillary Clinton cites Market Basket as policy example

Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.
Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. –REUTERS

Speaking in New Hampshire Thursday, Hillary Clinton took a page out of just about every politician’s playbook from last summer: She paid homage to Market Basket.

Clinton spoke about local companies that offer profit sharing with employees. “One you’re familiar with: Market Basket. Right?’’ she said.

Massachusetts and New Hampshire politicians feverishly sent out press statements throughout the regional grocery chain’s 2014 summer saga, in which workers and customers fought against the firing of the well-liked CEO and part-owner, Arthur T. Demoulas. Then-Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts and Gov. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire assisted in negotiations that ultimately saw Demoulas return to power after he and his siblings bought full control of the company.


For Clinton, though, Market Basket was illustrative of a policy plan. The company is known for its employee benefits, highlighted by a profit sharing retirement program. As part of her economic agenda, Clinton is proposing a tax credit for companies that use profit sharing programs.

“What you hear from companies like Market Basket is, you know what, this increases productivity, it increases loyalty of employees, it gives you a bond with your employees. They will work harder, they will look for more things to do to improve what’s going on in the stores,’’ the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination said.

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