Artist who put the mystery man on ex-Hancock Tower revealed

Known just as “JR,’’ the street artist chooses to stay anonymous.

September 23: This art installment, which was unveiled on the Hancock Tower, depicts a man walking onto a dock. It was designed by French artist JR.
A look at the unusual/interesting scaffolding on the side of the former John Hancock Tower, now revealed to be by French sreet artist JR. –Barry Chin / Globe Staff

We still don’t know much about the man who mysteriously appeared on the side of the former Hancock Tower, but we do know the man behind the man. Kind of.

Bryan Koop, the senior vice president and regional manager at Boston Properties, which owns 200 Clarendon, honored the artist on Twitter Thursday.

JR is a French photographer and artist who keeps his real identity hidden. He’s even given TED Talks (and won the TED prize) about using art to “turn the world inside out,’’ but still keeps his works anonymous, pasting giant images all over the world’s bridges, buildings, and trains.


Boston is just one small stamp on his extensive passport. JR has traveled to Kenya, the Middle East, Brazil, and more. He’s collaborated with Os Gemeos, the Brazilian brothers behind Dew Square’s first mural,

We are thrilled to have #bostonart #200clarendon

— Bryan Koop (@koop_bjk) September 24, 2015

” class=””>in New York, and once took over that city with a 100-foot-tall ballerina.

Historic wine merchant’s business in Germany temporarily decorated with 674 portraits of ‘Wuppertalians’ by JR; A demonstration of diversity and cultural and ethnic variety —wwwuppertal / Flickr

Even the famous Shepard Faireyhas said “JR is the most ambitious street artist working.’’

His mystery man isn’t finished yet, though. Once completed, the instillation will take over 200 Clarendon’s windows between the 44th and 50th floors and will be 150 feet wide and 86 feet tall, according to The Boston Globe.

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