The Massachusetts gaming board will study DraftKings

Another body is taking a look at the controversial industry of daily fantasy sports.

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The Massachusetts Gaming Commission will discuss daily fantasy sports games like those offered by Boston-based DraftKings at a meeting next week.

The discussion at the commission’s Oct. 29 meeting will be broad, Chairman Steve Crosby said in a statement.

“First, are fantasy sports legal? The attorney general and others have already spoken to this issue. Second, if it is legal, should it be regulated? Third, if it should be regulated, who should be the regulator? And finally, if it is regulated, what are the critical variables that should be addressed by regulation?’’ he said in a statement.

Those topics mirror the concerns that have dogged DraftKings and other daily fantasy companies in the last month. Officials across the country have asked whether the online games, in which players can win money based on how real-life athletes perform, are legal under state and federal gambling laws, and whether they should be regulated.


In Massachusetts, Attorney General Maura Healey has said multiple times that her office does not consider the games illegal under existing Massachusetts law, but wants consumer safeguards put in place.

Meanwhile, a federal investigation is aimed specifically at determining the games’ legality, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

Earlier this week, Gov. Charlie Baker said he would ask for the gaming commission‘s opinion on the matter. The highest-profile work of the commission since its 2011 creation has been licensing the state’s first casinos and slots parlor.

The commission’s opinion would be complimentary to other efforts to understand and govern the industry, Crosby said.

“The final decisions rest with the legislature, the governor, and perhaps the courts. … I believe the commission will be able to provide constructive advice on the complex issues raised by the meteoric emergence of online fantasy sports,’’ he said.

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