The shocking truth about alternative electricity suppliers

–Associated Press

John Therrien wanted to go green. He added solar panels to his Blackstone home about five years ago, but it wasn’t enough for him — he still had to use conventional electricity from National Grid whenever sun power fell short.

Then he heard about NRG, an alternative electricity supplier that was able to offer him a sustainably sourced power at a rate he found fair. He made the switch.

“They offered me such a great transition — it’s easy,” Therrien said. “I’m seeing what I am paying per kilowatt-hour and I know I am benefiting my environment.”

Therrien was able to make his satisfying switch thanks to the 1998 deregulation of the electricity market in Massachusetts, which opened the doors to power companies that wanted to compete with the utilities.


Most electricity consumers have seen the mailers, received the phone calls, or talked to the sales representatives at their doors. They all pitch cheap electricity. But before you get serious about cutting the cord to your existing utility service, get educated — there’s more to it than the promised bottom line.

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