GE unveils plans to revive abandoned Fort Point pedestrian bridge

BOSTON, MA - 9/23/2016: A historic pedestrian bridge in Fort Point has become a bit of a speed bump in GE's mad dash to get the building permits it needs.  GE wants to demolish the green pedestrian bridge over Necco Court. But the neighbors want to save it. the four-story-sized bridge connecting the Melcher buildings with the Necco buildings (the bridge that runs parallel with A St.)  (David L Ryan/Globe Staff Photo) SECTION:BUSINESS  TOPIC 24neccobridge
For GE, figuring out how to keep the green bridge, which was once an important link between buildings in the old New England Confectionery Co. complex, was an unexpected turn of events in an otherwise smooth permitting process. –David L. Ryan/Boston Globe

Turning a liability into an asset requires an unusual kind of corporate alchemy. General Electric is betting $1.5 million that it can pull off such a transformation with an abandoned pedestrian bridge in Fort Point.

GE initially planned to demolish the four-story skywalk as part of the development of its $200 million headquarters overlooking Fort Point Channel. But neighbors balked at the idea, complaining that the so-called “green bridge” serves as an important visual reminder of the area’s industrial past.

GE reversed course in October, after Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s office interceded.

Now, the company has offered a glimpse of its renovation plans for the structure. The project is scheduled to be discussed by the Fort Point Channel Landmark District Commission on June 8.


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