Dunkin’ Donuts is rolling out menu changes Monday

The move is the most sweeping menu change Dunkin’ has seen in decades. –Bill Greene/Globe Staff/File 2011

I broke the bad news to my six-year-old daughter, Olivia: Her favorite Dunkin’ Donuts item, the strawberry-banana smoothie, is going away.

That’s not all. The Canton-based chain is jettisoning varieties of bagels, muffins, and flavor shots — and its entire afternoon sandwich lineup. After years of expansion, it’s time for “menu simplification.’’ The official rollout, the most sweeping menu change Dunkin’ has seen in decades, starts in New England on Monday.

This bold move is all about efficiency. Dunkin’ leadership, under US president David Hoffmann, decided the menu had become too unwieldy. So Dunkin’ tested a shrunken selection at about 1,000 locations last year. Hoffmann told analysts in October that the tests went well: Fewer than 40 percent of consumers even noticed the changes.