A running list of the Boston businesses that have been vandalized, looted

Chaos took over the city hours after peaceful protests called for justice for George Floyd.

boston looting
A man works on cleaning up glass inside Bromfield Nails near Downtown Crossing after widespread vandalism and looting overnight. Blake Nissen for The Boston Globe

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Dozens of Boston businesses were damaged and looted Sunday night into Monday morning amid the violent chaos that followed a day of peaceful protests in the city.

“The whole thing started out so peaceful, and I completely agree with the protests,” Kayla Levine, whose family’s wine shop was looted, told “Nobody should be hurt or anything like that. It’s sad to see it turn to violence and looting.”

Store owners and employees began to survey the damage and pick up the pieces Monday morning. Here’s what we know so far about the businesses that were hit. 


7-Eleven, 103 State St.: Shattered door, looting

7-Eleven, 1747 Washington St.: Shattered window, looting

7-Eleven, 177 State St.: Shattered window, looting

7-Eleven, 252 W. Newton St.: Shattered door, looting

888 Boylston St.: Shattered glass

Abby Lane, 253 Tremont St.: Shattered windows, looting

Adidas, 855 Boylston St.: Shattered door, windows

Alex and Ani, 115 Newbury St.: Looting

Alexis Bittar, 130 Newbury St.: Shattered windows, looting

All Too Human, 236 Clarendon St.: Property damage, looting

Allen-Edmonds, 36 Newbury St.: Shattered glass, looting

Amazing Intimate Essentials, 40 Bromfield St.: Shattered windows, looting

Anime Zakka Boston, 297 Newbury St.: Shattered window, property damage, looting

Atlantic Fish Co., 761 Boylston St.: Graffiti

AT&T, 699 Boylston St.: Shattered window

Bacco’s Wine + Cheese, 31 St. James Ave.: Property damage, looting

Bang & Olufsen, 141B Newbury St.: Shattered door, looting

Bank of America ATM, 58 Winter Place: Broken window

Bar Lyon, 1750 Washington St.: Shattered glass

Barbour, 79 Newbury St.: Shattered window, property damage, looting

Betsy Jenney, 114 Newbury St.: Cracked window

Boloco, 176 Boylston St.: Shattered window, looting

Boston Chops Downtown, 52 Temple Place: Property damage

Boston Jewels, 23 School St.: Shattered windows

Bromfield Nails, 23 Bromfield St.: Shattered window, looting

Brooks Brothers, 46 Newbury St.: Shattered window

Burberry at Copley Place, 100 Huntington Ave.: Shattered door, looting

Buttermilk & Bourbon, 160 Commonwealth Ave.: Shattered window

Cafe Bonjour, 55 Temple Place: Broken window

Caffe dello Sport, 308 Hanover St.: Shattered windows


Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts, 527 Tremont St.: Graffiti

Canada Goose, 800 Boylston St.: Shattered glass, looting

Carbon Salon, 170 Tremont St #2: Shattered windows

Casa Design, 200 Boylston St.: Shattered window, looting

Chase Bank, 425 Washington St.: Shattered window

Clarendon Wine, 563 Boylston St.: Shattered window, looting, property damage

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage – Boston-South End: 10 Berkeley St.: Shattered glass

Communications Center, 525 Columbia Rd.: Property damage, looting

Concepts, 350 Boylston St.: Broken glass, looting

Copley Place, 100 Huntington Ave.: Shattered windows, property damage, looting

Cuyana, 112 Newbury St.: Shattered glass, looting

CVS, 285 Columbus Ave.: Shattered door

CVS, 341 Harrison Ave.: Shattered window, property damage, looting

CVS, 451 Washington St.: Break-in

CVS, 631 Washington St.: Shattered door, looting

Dareales Clothing, 1658B Dorchester Ave.: Shattered glass, looting

Dartmouth St. Vision Center, 130 Dartmouth St.: Looting, smashed storefront

David Marshall Datz / Brad Duncan Skin Care, 530A and 530 Tremont St.: Graffiti

Dependable Cleaners, 110 Newbury St.: Shattered window

Diesel, 339 Newbury St.: Shattered door

Downtown Convenience, 40 Boylston St.: Shattered window, looting

DumontJanks, 129 Kingston St.: Property damage, looting

EbLens, 138 Park St.: Shattered glass, looting

EbLens, 90 River St.: Damaged door, looting

Expressions, 2235 Washington St.: Shattered doors, looting

Expressions, 315 Centre St.: Shattered windows, looting

Expressions, 942 Hyde Park Ave.: Shattered door

Footpaths, 415 Washington St.: Shattered glass

Frenchie, 560 Tremont St.: Shattered window


Giorgiana’s, 532 Tremont St.: Shattered windows, looting, graffiti

Globe Bar & Cafe, 384 Boylston St.: Cracked window

Gucci at Copley Place, 100 Huntington Ave.: Shattered window, looting

The Hempest, 301 Newbury St.: Property damage, looting

Hingham Institution for Savings, 540 Tremont St.: Broken window

H&M Man, 501 Boylston St.: Shattered windows

Jaho Back Bay, 116 Huntington Ave.: Shattered glass

Kenmore Army & Navy Store, 477 Washington St.: Shattered windows

Krasi, 48 Gloucester St.: Shattered door, looting

Laced, 426 Massachusetts Ave.: Property damage, broken glass

Lambert’s Marketplace, 140 Tremont St.: Shattered windows, looting

Laura Pershong Fine Jewelry, 558 Tremont St.: Shattered door

Lauren’s Nails, 249 Newbury St.: Shattered window

L&M Bargain, 640 American Legion Highway: Break-in

Lord & Taylor, 760 Boylston St.: Shattered windows, looting

Marshalls, 350 Washington St.: Property damage, looting

Men’s Wearhouse, 481 Washington St.: Shattered windows

Metro by T-Mobile, 214 Bowdoin St.: Shattered door, looting

Metro by T-Mobile, 68 Kneeland St.: Shattered window, property damage, looting

MiniLuxe Back Bay, 296 Newbury St.: Graffiti

MiniLuxe South End, 536 Tremont. St.: Broken window

Moncler at Copley Place, 100 Huntington Ave.: Property damage, looting

Morrissey Boulevard Wines & Liquors, 711 Morrissey Blvd.: Shattered windows, looting

Neena’s Lighting, 380 Boylston St.; Shattered window

Neiman Marcus, 5 Copley Place: Shattered windows, looting

North Face, 326 Newbury St.: Shattered door, looting

The Oyster Club, 79 Park Plaza: Property damage

Papa Wheelies, 362 Commonwealth Ave.: Shattered door, looting

Piattini, 226 Newbury St.: Property damage

Pure Oasis, 430 Blue Hill Ave.: Shattered window, looting

Reiss, 132 Newbury St.: Shattered windows, looting

Riccardi, 116 Newbury St.: Shattered glass

Richard Mille, 24 Newbury St.: Shattered window, looting

Richdale Food Shops, 130 Dartmouth St: Shattered door, looting

Rick Walker’s, 306 Newbury St.: Shattered glass, property damage


Roster, 200 State St.: Break-in, looting

Saks Fifth Avenue, 800 Boylston St.: Shattered doors, property damage, looting

Samurai Express, 31 St. James Ave.: Shattered door and windows, looting

Santa Fe Styling Co., 528 Tremont St.: Graffiti

Santander Bank ATM, 21 Tremont St.: Shattered door

Savin Hill Wine and Spirits Liquor, 1051 Dorchester Ave.: Shattered door, looting

The Shade Store, 116 Newbury St.: Shattered windows

Skylight Jewelers, 44 School St.: Shattered window, looting

Spokehouse – Bowdoin Bike School, 786 Dudley St.: Shattered window

Sprint, 65R Boston St.: Shattered window, looting

Sprint, 422 Boylston St.: Shattered door, looting

Star Market, 53 Huntington Ave.: Shattered windows, looting

Steve Madden, 118 Newbury St.: Shattered door, looting

SuitSupply, 240A Newbury St.: Graffiti

Symphony Market, 1130 Boylston St.: Shattered door, looting

Thornton’s, 150 Huntington Ave.: Shattered window, looting

Thos. Moser, 19 Arlington St.: Property damage, shattered windows

Tivoli Audio, 218 Newbury St.: Shattered window

T.J. Maxx, 360 Newbury St.: Shattered doors and windows, looting

Toast, 401 Park Drive: Break-in

Tremont Variety, 283 Tremont St.: Shattered windows, looting

The Urban Grape, 303 Columbus Ave.: Shattered glass, looting

UGG, 75 Newbury St.: Shattered windows, looting

Urban Outfitters, 361 Newbury St.: Shattered window

Victoria’s Jewelry, 43 Temple Place: Property damage, shattered windows and door

Walgreens, 24 School St.: Shattered windows, looting

Walgreens, 620 Washington St.: Shattered windows, looting

Warren Electric and Hardware, 470 Tremont St.: Cracked and shattered glass

The Wild Duck Wine & Spirits, 660 Washington St.: Shattered windows, looting

Wine Riot, 519 Tremont St.: Property damage, looting

Zara, 212-214 Newbury St.: Shattered windows, looting

This list will be updated as more information becomes available. Are you a Boston business owner who was impacted? Let us know by e-mailing [email protected].


A couple views broken glass at the H&M storefront on Boylston Street.


What did you experience from the peaceful protests or the violence that followed? Tell us.


Hayden Bird, Kaitlyn Johnston, Erin Kuschner, Arianna MacNeill, Madelaine Millar, Kevin Slane, Emily Turner, and Nicole Yang contributed reporting



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