#YouAintFromBoston Returns, Reminds Us That Things Never Change

The skyline in Downtown Boston.
The skyline in Downtown Boston. –David Ryan/Globe Staff

Twitter hashtags can be fleeting, but #YouAintFromBoston keeps making a comeback with insights on the Hub that haven’t changed in years.

As far as we can tell, things kicked off in 2011 when the #YouAintFrom trend swept cities across the country, Boston included. Twitter users set out to share their take on what it means to be a local, but the results weren’t exactly clever. The best anyone could muster were a couple of jokes about public transportation and a reference to some Boston sports legends.

That’s pretty weak stuff, Boston. It doesn’t take a native to know that the MBTA is garbage and our sports teams have a history of success. Where’s the ingenuity? Where’s the creativity? Let’s see what you came up with two years later, shall we?


What are you guys doing out there!? No locals are proud about knowing where the Citgo sign is, nor do they find humor in jokes about an exaggerated Boston accent. That’s the stuff of a late night talk show host in desperate need of a vacation. And seriously, we get it. Boston’s sports teams have been pretty good since 2000, but maybe show some humility.

Alright, let’s give this one more try. It’s 2014, more people are coming to appreciate some of the city’s nuance, and there are burgeoning new attractions for locals to be proud of, including everything from exquisite restaurants and bars to impressive new land development projects across a wide array of neighborhoods. So what are we tweeting this time around?

Way to go, you guys! Those tweets aren’t half bad. We’ve got a local news story about a gorilla from 2003, a plug for Santarpio’s (which isn’t exactly a hidden gem, but at least it’s not a Regina’s reference), and the requisite nod to local hero Keytar Bear. This is shaping up to be a real improvement! Let’s just keep scrolling…

Ugh, nevermind. The people sending these tweets are no better than that friend who tells the same story every time you see them.


Look, it is not some local secret that people around here have a hard time with the letter “r’’ or that our transit system is shaped like a deformed starfish. And are there seriously people around here who think dealing with a snowstorm is unique to Boston? Are those people unaware that weather also happens in other places?

So after three iterations of this hashtag and nothing but poor showings, there’s only one #YouAintFrom tweet left to send:

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