Great White Shark Off N.J. Coast Is Reminder That Ocean Will Kill You

It’s summer, so you were probably thinking about heading down to one of Massachusetts’ lovely local beaches and taking a dip in the ocean. Yeah, don’t do that.

If at all possible, please stay on the sand part of the beach. You might believe that things like fun and merriment can be found in the ocean, but please remember that other, more terrifying things can also be found there.

In the video above, for example, that other, more terrifying thing is a Great White Shark that saw an object roughly five times its own size and thought, “Hey, I could probably eat that.’’ A mindless, senseless killing machine that thinks a boat is a meal is not a creature you want to share any space with ever.


And the worst part might be that you would never know that shark (or other horrifying sea creature) was there before it was too late. That’s because the moment you set foot in the water, you become prey. As a land-dwelling being in the water, you are helpless to defy the will of all the creatures that can swim longer than you and faster than you and have no consideration for whether something they do might cause you pain.

So as you celebrate the start of summer by dragging your tie-dye boogie board out into the surf, keep in mind that there are sharks just like that one swimming around and in their eyes that floating piece of plastic is a condiment and you’re the main course.

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