So There’s Something Called a ‘Selfie Toaster’

A Vermont company is selling a $75 toaster that will burn an outline of your face into your toast, and people are buying it.

The Daily Mail reported that the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation will take your hard-earned money, along with a picture of your face, and turn that into a thing that makes toast that looks like you.

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that this is a product that absolutely no one needs. And yet, here we are: in a world where humans can’t just eat a slightly burnt piece of bread, but instead must spend money to have it slightly burnt to look like themselves.


The Daily Mail report said the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation has been trying to make this “an affordable reality for several years.’’

If a person makes $15 per hour, it would take five hours of that person’s life to earn the money to buy this toaster. Add that to the literal years that a team of people spent making this toaster a reality, and you basically have a travesty of human potential that could have been spent solving actual problems.

So stop contributing to the end of the world, buy yourself a normal toaster, and spend the extra $50 on something that betters your life or the lives of others. Thanks.


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